Ancient Rome and 20th Century

My name is Chiara Torrisi and here I share my activity as an historical consultant.

My specialization is a mix of classical antiquity and history of the 20th century, thanks to my research project about Nazi archaeology. This strange combination complicated a lot the path towards a PhD, so after the university I chose to delve into fundraising and marketing. Yet, I didn’t want to abandon history. That’s why I had a crazy idea.

I created from scratch the website Storia tra le pagine (“History Between the Pages”). I learned what hosting is, how to install WordPress, and how to create webpages. The core of the project is the blog, with articles about pages of historical novels, film scripts, and TV series — so captivating, so full of historical errors and inaccuracies.

Why Storia tra le pagine

I put together my passion for history and my love for writing to look at history from a different perspective, one that often makes scholars raise eyebrows: historical fiction.

It’s relatively easy to spot errors related to weapons, clothing, and hairstyles. Not so easy is understanding how much our view of the past is influenced by modern mentality or how ancient sources were themselves imbued with the culture of their time.

Through “Storia tra le pagine,” I will attempt to dismantle stereotypes and false myths, explaining why some wrong ideas about the past are still so popular. Moreover, I can help you create the historical context for a story if you have one in mind.

The Heroes of Bronze project

heroes of bronze

I have the privilege of collaborating on the wonderful Heroes of Bronze project. The creator is Martin Klekner, a highly talented digital animation director who is working on a series of stories set during the Persian Wars (ancient Greece, 5th century BC). I work as a historical consultant and editor for him.

You can already read the first published story here. I highly recommend it, it’s truly worth it!

What I write

  • Reviews of historical novels, films, and TV series
  • Curiosities about common errors and anachronisms in literature and cinema
  • In-depth explorations of history and archaeology from various historical periods (especially ancient Rome and the early 20th century)
  • Useful tips for doing historical research

My services

History is not my only occupation. I work as a fundraiser and project manager too. If you need help raising funds or managing your project, reach out for consultation. You can find the services I offer here.


While the blog is not a full-time job, in some ways, it feels like one. To help me cover the expenses related to research and content production for the blog and social media, you can donate via PayPal or Ko-fi (in the box).

It’s thanks to donors that I keep on writing and sharing contents for everyone. Thank you for your support!