Chiara helped the Cecilia Gilardi Foundation to plan the third edition of the Mëstè Master’s program: she has distinguished herself for her brilliance and initiative in tackling this challenge.

She has demonstrated a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the previous editions of the Mëstè Master. She has used this knowledge to guide the design process in a more comprehensive direction, suitable for new collaborations with local organizations. She has opened new collaboration opportunities with local companies and institutions, offering exciting prospects for the future.

Chiara is a well-rounded professional: I highly recommend her consultancy to anyone seeking a competent and motivated individual.

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Fondazione Cecilia GilardiFrancesca Mariani, Officer & Fundraiser

I want to greet and thank Chiara for the excellent work with our crowdfunding “Bach: Concerti in stile italiano”.

Besides the good professional work, she was a great motivator for musicians who needed a confident and competent leader. She allowed us to reach and exceed the goal.

Chiara, always kind and available, was a consultant and a professional that I suggest without reservation.

Cantica Symphonia OrchestraLorenzo Cavasanti, recorder

Chiara was tasked with advising me on how to increase the volume of donations.
She has clarified the need in various conversations and made a clean analysis. Subsequently, she developed a plan in consultation with me with which I could work.

Chiara is extremely well organized, always prepared and can focus on the essentials. The solutions she proposes make absolute sense. She is very knowledgeable in the field. But the best part is, she doesn’t just focus on the given area, but thinks outside the box.

The result is something to behold. I would recommend Chiara to anyone without reservation. A lovely highly professional consultant.

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Pax Augusta GameCreator of city builder videogame

“Creative, organized, precise. Chiara looks with clarity of mind at the reality that surrounds her and can describe it clearly and engagingly by writing stories. Her talent in mixing storytelling and pragmatism makes her a reliable colleague, able to elaborate original ideas and practical solutions. Working with Chiara is a pleasure.”

Livia LainatiCommunication manager at Fondazione Time2