Fundraising campaigns


Non profit


Activation of tools and strategies to improve fundraising with donations.

Strategy development to support creators – Pax Augusta Game (Switzerland) (2022)
Goal: strengthen the community and increase donations to support the development of an indie videogame.
Realization: creation of storytelling on socials, organization of one-off donations, launch of a membership.

+ 529% monthly donation amount after 2 months from the campaign launch

Campaign “Tutta un’altra storia” – Polo del ‘900 (Turin, Italy) (2021-2022)
Goal: start recurring donations, support Polo del 900’s digital archive, loyalize.
Realization: creation of storytelling with monthly short stories as rewards for donors.

+ 100% donations from individuals (no campaigns before that one)


Non profit


Strategy development, creation of materials and launch of a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding campaign – Cantica Symphonia Orchestra (Italy) (2022-2023)
Goal: collect donations to fund a music disc.
Realization: creation of storytelling for communication on socials, donors research, launch of the campaign.

3125€, 125% of the goal

Go to the campaign page


Non profit

Ideation and creation of membership campaigns.

Membership renewal – Polo del ‘900 (2021-2022)
Goal: loyalize old members and attract new ones, strengthen the community.
Realization: creation of a Christmas campaign with a nominal reward for all the members.

+ 538% members compared to 2020 (year of partial closure)


Copywriting and storytelling


Non profit


Writing of informative, promotional, and technic texts. Creation of promotional material. Writing in Italian, English and (for simple texts) German.

Writing of web texts: SEO copywriting, blog articles, social posts, newsletter.

Editing of the web architecture and copywriting (Pax Augusta Game)
Goal: strengthen the community, improve storytelling, invite to donate.

Go to Pax Augusta Game website

History and writing popularization on blog and socials (in progress)

Read the blog

Guide for visitors – Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (Weimar, Germany) (2019)
Goal: promote new museum itineraries of the archaeological museum.
Realization: creation of guides for visitors (texts, layout and illustrations) to explain complex archaeological concepts.

graphics for museum leaflet

Read the guide (text in German)


Non profit


Storytelling to engage, inform and empathize. Writing in Italian and English.

Leaflet of the Summer Camp – Fondazione Time2 (Turin) (2022)
Goal: promotion of activities of Fondazione Time2 and push to donate.
writing of informative texts and creation of storytelling to describe the summer camp and the stories of the young people with disability

Read an excerpt(in Italian)

Short stories for donors of the campaign “Tutta un’altra storia” – Polo del ‘900 (2021-2022)
Goal: thank donors and loyalize.
write a monthly short story with topics connected to the values and mission of Polo del ‘900 (Resistance, memory, rights, democracy).

Read a story (in Italian)

Social and website management

Website and Socials

Communication strategy for the web. Website design, blog and digital tools management (newsletter, social).

“Storia tra le pagine”: blog and Instagram page (in progress)

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Project management

Planning and developing the project Idea, monitoring progress and deadlines, coordinating team members and stakeholders.

Master Mësté project – Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi (2023)
Project manager of the Master Mësté project to support handicraft excellence in Northwest Italy.


Publishing and cinema

Text editing for writers and screenwriters.
Historical research. Check of props, costumes and scenography of ancient settings.

Historical research and editing (2023)
Historical and writing editing of short stories and short films set in Ancient Greece for the Heroes of Bronze project. Example of editing for short story here.

heroes of bronze


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