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Why choose me?

Historical consulting

I hold a degree in Archaeology and Ancient History, and I am well-versed in the ancient world, the Middle Ages, and the 20th-century (totalitarianisms and World War II). My academic journey has led me to delve into material culture (artifacts, production processes, social norms, and rituals) as well as literary sources. This allows me to reconstruct past societies, covering everything from daily life to language to mentality.

My study of Latin and Greek enables me to engage with original sources from the ancient world. My knowledge of Italian, German, and partially French, besides English, grants me access to a wide array of highly technical papers.

About novels and screenplays, my writing experience helps me determining how and when to reconcile historical reality with the needs of storytelling.


After a specialization course in fundraising for non profit, I worked for a cultural organization, overseeing all aspects of fundraising, from conceiving new campaigns to donor care. I also explored ways of supporting creatives and promotion strategies.

I offer personalized consultations suitable for both emerging artists seeking to build a support base and nonprofit organizations in need of medium-term planning or assistance with creating and launching a fundraising campaign.

Communication and Project Management

I have experience with digital communication in various contexts (companies, nonprofits, freelancers). I can create and manage websites, handle key communication tools, from newsletters to social media, and develop promotion strategies. If you wish to conceive and launch a new product or service, I can assist you at every stage, integrating communication into the creative process.

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