How it works

      1. Discovery call: Join a 30-minute video call to share your story and discuss any challenges you’ve encountered.
      2. Manuscript evaluation: Send me your manuscript and await the evaluation report with a detailed analysis. A follow-up call will be scheduled to explain the feedback and address your questions.
      3. Editing: If the manuscript is ready for revision, we proceed. Otherwise, revisit your text to fix the issues and reach out again when finished.

Developmental editing

To enhance plot, setting, or characters.

Developmental editing scrutinizes both style and content. Yet, it focuses on the novel’s structure, encompassing the development, and evolution of characters, chapters, and scenes. In one word: it makes sure the story works.

In historical novels, it verifies the accuracy of information but does not include research services.


From €0,012 /word




Settings and context




Developmental editing + Historical research

For historical novels or texts related to history.

The editing and historical research service offers a comprehensive package for writers seeking support in creating historical context. The research will shape the plot and characters without distorting historical reality, and the editing will help seamlessly integrate narration and information. No lengthy and boring explanations: the final text will not only be accurate but also engaging.

For writers who need more comprehensive assistance, go to the mentoring program.


From € 0,025 /word

Developmental editing

Historical research


Manuscript evaluation

How it works

      1. Preliminary call (optional): you can request a 15-30 minute video call to share some aspects of your story or discuss issues in advance.
      2. Manuscript evaluation: Send me your manuscript and await the evaluation report with a detailed analysis.
      3. Final call: To delve into any remaining questions and discuss the future of the text: does it need editing, or is it ready for publishing?

For writers who have doubts about their story.

Just because a book is finished doesn’t mean it’s ready for editing or publication. For writers, it can be difficult to evaluate their work on their own because they may hold their story dear and struggle to recognize its flaws. That’s why it’s better to seek assistance and receive a professional feedback.

Manuscript evaluation is necessary to proceed with the editing process.


From €0,0046 /word

Full reading and analysis

+10-pages report

Final call


Writing coaching

Single consulting

For writers in need of a quick consultation.

Writing is challenging, and it’s easy to feel lost in the process. Characters may start wandering aimlessly, and the plot might get bogged down in events lacking meaning. Alternatively, there may be an idea for a story, but doubts linger about its effectiveness. In any case, consultation can be the solution: 1 hour of discussion to address issues and potentials and get the story back on track.



1h call

Eventual final report


Plot outline consulting

For writers who have an idea but can’t give shape to their story.

How often have you started writing only to get stuck because you didn’t know where you were going? You struggle to focus on the events and character development, and you keep postponing the writing, hoping for an epiphany that will fix everything.

You look for inspiration, while you need a map to guide you through your story.

I can help you with this: in 4 sessions of theory and practical exercises, you will delve deep into your characters and learn how to develop the plot. By the end of our journey together, you will have a well-defined outline and can finally start writing.


To define

4 meetings via video call

Exercises and corrections of the exercises

1 final meeting with a review of the outline


Mentoring program

For historical novels.

Ideal for writers handling complex stories and in need of assistance in balancing narration and context. The program is personalized and will be tailored together. The service covers all stages of story creation, from planning to historical research to actual writing. It is particularly useful for those facing extensive and demanding historical research and wish to delegate some of the work, as well as receive guidance in the more delicate phases of writing.

You can choose an all-inclusive assistance lasting several months or a package of consultings.


To define /month

Tailored service



To define

Tailored service


Do you need help with the historical research?
There’s a specialized service.


To propose a project, get information about services and rates or for any other inquiries, please write to me through the contact form or this email address.